Mom and Daughter arrived!

Congratulations, Team! Thanks to your generous contributions and furnishings we were able to fully furnish their apartment, including gift cards! Thank you for shopping and dropping off your donations so quickly to help make this emergency set-up go smoothly. Because of Covid concerns, we were not comfortable having Ali and Jafar help set up this time. Big thanks to our hard working movers and shakers, and masters of assembly and curtain hanging, Bob Bonisolli and Greg Walsh. Great job, gentlemen! We ended up with a surprise helper. The Dad joined us to help unload furniture before he had to rush off to work! He was so nice and overwhelmed with gratitude. We still don’t know much information about their circumstances other than the Dad has been here for awhile living with a friend and the Mom and daughter were living in a refugee camp near Myanmar. We are grateful they are finally all together and can settle in their new beautiful home. 

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