Security Screening Process for Refugees Entering the U.S.

This text is from the U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants web site:

Security Screening of Refugees Admitted to the United States: a detailed and rigorous process

Resettlement is considered a durable solution for refugees who cannot return to their countries of origin or integrate into the current countries that are hosting them. Resettlement to a country like the United States presents a life-saving alternative for a very small number of refugees around the world (less than one half of one percent). Refugees seeking resettlement in the United States must pass through a series of steps aimed at ensuring they will not pose a security risk to the United States.  Biographic and biometric information is examined to help confirm a refugee’s identity. The information is checked against law enforcement, intelligence community, and other relevant databases, including National Counterterrorism Center, Department of Defense, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Department of State, and Department of Homeland Security databases. A step-by-step overview of this process is detailed below.i

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Chin Community Ministry – North Texas Day of Giving 2016

Here’s a summary of the activity provided by the Chin Community Ministry on the 2016 North Texas Day of Giving.  From the Q3 2016 Chin Community Ministry Newsletter.

CCM staff experienced its own form of First Day of School Monday, August 22, 2016 when it set a new record for number served in a day.  80 Chin people brought paperwork problems to our 4-person staff.   Here is a breakdown of the types of needs they brought to us.

We believe that CCM offers needed services, not just to the Chin community, but to the larger American -born community.  Please consider donating to CCM for North Texas Giving Day.

Download: PDF