Contacts and Opportunities

Here is a list of organizations, contacts, and ways to help


Justin Nsenga at

    • Examples:
      •  ESL
      • Slice of Life American – language for the marketplace – Survivor English
      • Culture lessons – where to go and what to say/do (everyday sites and situations)
      • Bridging parents and schools
      • Medical referrals – finding doctors who understand
      • Interviews for those seeking counseling – psychological evaluation forms
      • Counseling – individual and family interviews, trained assistance
      • Employment and training for successful interviews
      • Adopting a family
      • Grant writing


UNTHSC – “Bridges” (Refugee Women’s Health Initiative)

Eva Baker at

  • Examples:
    • Assistance filling out apps for Medicaid and food stamps
    • Feminine hygiene items and discussion
    • Discussion of prevention methods related to child abuse
    • Nurturing babies, infants, and pre-schoolers in America
    • Mental health support
    • Discussion of college planning and options available in DFW area



Ayesha Hassan at

Create a volunteer account at and enter profile, then initiate background check in order to see (daily) opportunities online.  Examples:

  • Examples:
    • Transportation to and from MD appts.
    • Taking clients to Social Security appointments and assisting with form completion
    • Mentoring (1.5-3 hrs/wk. spent visiting with one family – problem solving, socializing)
    • Assist with specific goals (opening bank acct, applying for Texas i.d.’s, navigating school system with parents and students, language learning



Becky Nelson at

  • Examples:
    • New youth program being designed – bring your ideas, programs, presence!
    • Explain mail, school notices, how to make & manage doctors’ appointments
    • Assist with tenant/utility/legal/bill paying/immigration/citizenship issues
    • Help apply for jobs , understand repercussions of alcohol/drug use
    • Explain how to get into college – What does it take to stay there once accepted?


Donna Duvin, Executive Director

Tel. 1 214 461 9781




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