Furnishing a home in 72 hours

On May 19, the White’s Chapel Refugee Initiative received a short notice call for help with an emergency arrival of refugees to DFW Int’l Airport.  Those en route would need orientation, transportation, a meal, and basic furnishings for newly assigned apartments within 72 hours. 

In record time, the WC-RI Welcome Committee – in partnership with the Islamic Center of Southlake and Muslims for Humanity – provided all that was needed and more. This multi-faith response under the extraordinary leadership of Holly and Greg Walsh is reflective of the WC-RI’s acton in all its outreach: We are called to support those forced to flee life-threatening oppression, no matter how short the notice or deep the need.

Thanks go out to all who collected, transported, prepared, assembled, and delivered the human face of Compassion to these beleaguered travelers – and others throughout the year.  Through you, these newcomers to America see how God cares for all his children in every place and circumstance.  Through Him and through you, these families will recover and thrive, contributing to their new country in ways as positive as your first encounter.