Welcoming our newest neighbors

By Holly Walsh
Thank you for all of your contributions to help the family of nine get settled last month. They are from Afghanistan. The Father worked for our U.S. Military as an interpreter.
At the last minute, I was called to help pick them up at DFW when all 9 of them and their luggage couldn’t fit in the 2 cars already there! I was thrilled to get to meet the family. When we arrived at the apartment, they were in awe and had tears of overwhelming joy. The Father kept asking me how much he needs to pay for everything. I was finally able to help him understand people from our community all contributed to help them get off to a good start as they rebuild their lives. They were so grateful, surprised and kept saying thank you over and over. I promised I’d pass that expression of gratitude onto you. I apologize it’s taken me so long to let you know.
Refugees amaze me with their resilience, humility and gratitude. I’m so proud of us as a team that we can make monumental things happen in record time. Thank you for all you do and contribute to welcome the stranger and help rebuild lives.

Outing to the Dallas Museum of Art to meet Clemantine Wamariya

Took our guys to DMA to hear Clemantine Wamariya share her story as a Rwandan genocide survivor and author of “The Girl Who Smiled Beads”. She gave them autographed copies of her book and had an inspirational conversation with them after her presentation. The experience was very meaningful to our guys and helped them in their healing process.